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Testemunho Angiografia – Mais uma embolização de sucesso.

September 9, 2020 / Por dom / Publicado em Destaques

Mais um testemunho de um paciente da Unidade de Angiografia do Hospital St. Louis.

Dear Marisa, Thiago, Nuno, I would like to thank you for the procedure and everything before that. I feel lucky to find you and it looks everything went according to plan I am very humbled by the supportive culture of your team and the Portuguese people. If you have a chance, please pass my gratitude to André in Clinica Campo Grande, he spent 1 hour to find a clinic that can make Urinoflowmetry.

I haven’t even left Lisboa but planning to come back with my family.

Thank you for everything!

1.The years leading up to the PAE were giving me worse and worse situations and clearly, it looked to be inevitable that this would only get worse. Which was bad enough already. I do not recall a full night’s sleep from the last year. I needed to stand up in meetings to urinate. The urge many times came unexpectedly and strongly. I needed to piss myself in my car waiting in line at McDrive, just to mention one embarrassing situation. That made me need to plan ahead even a short drive to the city. All in all, it severely limited my quality of life.

2.The consultation was a relief as I just met the man whom I saw in conference videos and the author of Research papers. I did my homework before making such a tough decision, to have a procedure in a distant country, a procedure, none of my urologists even heard of… The consultation itself brought me not much novelty, as I knew what it would look like. Yet, as we elaborated on the topic, the doctor told about some edge cases and how certain things influence success. That also convinced further for me that I made a good decision as you need a specialist with more mileage, this is not a black and white method. You need an expert team, such as Thiago and Nuno.3.This was the first medical procedure ever for me and I was nervous on the surgery desk. Yet, the doctor communicated with me frequently. Funnily as everybody wore masks, I was not sure who is doing the surgery 😊 I was a bit on the edge and I asked the name of the doctor and he said, hey it is me, Thiago! 😃 Then it looked everything under control, there was always somebody nearby to ask for help. I needed a urine container, I got it. That was my only concern post-surgery, I did not have any issues and I could leave in a few hours. The first week I could feel minimal pain around my groin, nothing major. Then after 3 weeks, I started feeling the symptoms to phase off slowly. Now, after 4 weeks, I am still not where I hope I will be, but I am very optimistic that I can get the quality of my life back.